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Detritus is a Junkion from the Generation One continuity family.

Three easy payments, an offer you can't refuse.

Leaving his homeworld of Junkion behind, Detritus (デトライタス) has become a mercenary, selling his services to either side of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. Rumor has it that his appearance on the battlefield turns the tide of victory to the side that employs him... when in reality, Detritus simply bides his time until he is positive which side is likely to win anyway, then offers to join that side. Like all Junkions, Detritus is capable of repairing heavy damage to himself with whatever scrap metal he can get a hold of.

Detritus' ultimate goal is to use his earnings to build his own army and overthrow Wreck-Gar as the leader of the Junkions.


Generation One

  • Detritus (Junkion, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: 77
    • Accessories: Rifle, "12.7mm machinegun", missile launcher, 3 missiles, spare tire, spare tank
A redeco of the Generation One toy Hound, Detritus transforms into a Mitsubishi J59 off-road vehicle. He came with an entirely new decal sheet to make him fit the Junkion aesthetic better, which also includes both Autobot and Decepticon faction sigils. He also completely lacks the chrome of the original version. As a Japanese release, his spring-loaded missile launcher is fully operational. He was only available though Takara's e-Hobby service.


  • Detritus features facial hair. Though hard to see, his face has a small, painted goatee.
  • His instruction sheet uses extremely simple names for his weapons, but the bio card has much more fanciful terms. His hand-held rifle is the "phase disruptor", his launcher fires "armor-piercing rocket ammunition", and his vehicle-mode rear cannon is the "beam machinegun".
  • Detritus' instruction sheet uses photos of the normal Hound toy for the step-by-step instructions. The "main" picture and decal application photos, however, use Detritus.
  • The decals for this set are printed on glossy paper rather than foil, with fairly weak adhesive. As such, the decals designed to fold around corners do not like to stay folded. Glue may be necessary.

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