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When Bulkhead makes a discovery in Greece, the race is on to recover an Energon Harvester.



Miko is dissatisfied having detention (with an unexplained reason why she's in detention) in history class, then finds Bulkhead in vehicle mode outside the window listening to rock music, which is the same as Miko's favorite music. She races outside escaping the unseen angry teacher and heads back to home base. Bulkhead is concerned about Miko's citizenship record because he wants her to go to college, trying to kindly tell her, but she doesn't like listening to it.

Ratchet detects an Energon Harvester located in a museum and a painting is shown of ancient Greeks discovering a Cybertronian artifact called the Energon Harvester located in Greece. Bulkhead and Miko transport there, but face Breakdown, Bulkhead's arch-nemesis. Breakdown throws a giant marble pillar at Miko, considering her as Bulkhead's "pet" thinking she will play catch. Bulkhead comes to protect her but is thrown into the painting, then Breakdown retreats. Luckily, Miko took a picture of the painting.

Afterwards, Ratchet tries to contact Agent Fowler to claim the Energon Harvester from the museum, but Agent Fowler is not available until Tuesday. Because of this, Optimus assigns Jack, Raf, and Miko to claim it themselves, aware that Decepticons will come to collect it. Optimus, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and Arcee are at places near the museum, where Knockout and Breakdown arrive.

Knockout and Breakdown take out Optimus and Bulkhead with their electrical prod sticks, then tricks Bumblebee into colliding with Arcee. Miko is caught by a security guard, and Soundwave steals the Energon Harvester from Jack and Raf. Bulkhead plans on freeing Miko, but Optimus claims not to let the security guard see him.

Starscream gains the Energon Harvester, then tests it on a Vehicon emptying all of its' Energon out. Bulkhead ground bridges in, then Starscream tries to do the same to him as well. In a long struggle, Bulkhead grabs the Harvester and throws it into the sky, making it explode. Optimus, Arcee, and Bumblebee also ground bridge coming to attack which makes Breakdown and Knockout retreat.

Agent Fowler is able to free Miko by taking her off the security guard's plans to arrest her, and returns her cell phone to her which she dropped, before she returns to Bulkhead.


  • The Energon Harvester is based on the Sun Harvester from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
  • Knockout never used his electrocution stick again until Tunnel Vision.

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