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Note: This article is about the use of plot devices to trigger the conclusion of a narrative. Though these are often MacGuffins, the two terms do not mean the same thing.

The term deus ex machina (appropriately enough, meaning "the god from the machine" in Greek) is used to refer to a plot device in which a surprising or unexpected event occurs in a story's plot, often to resolve flaws or tie up loose ends in the narrative. In classical Greek theatre, this often involved an actor representing a god whose powers saved the day, being suspended above the stage by a crane, hence the origin of the term. However, when used in Transformers, it's mainly a new character coming out of nowhere and kicking everyones ass (often used to promote a new toy); when a dead character comes back for some reason; or gets a new body (again, to sell toys). Sometimes, however, it's just conveniently used accesories.