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Excels at making explosions, giant robots, more explosions, asteroids, yet more explosions, Ocean liners sinking, and bigass explosions. Oh, and did we mention explosions?

Digital Domain is an award-winning visual effects company founded in 1993 by ex-Industrial Light and Magic General Manager Scott Ross, director James Cameron and special effects artist Stan Winston. One of the first films the company worked on was the high-profile Arnold Schwarzenegger movie True Lies, and has gone on to produce visual effects for several major motion pictures such as Apollo 13, Michael Bay's Armageddon and James Cameron's Titanic.

In May 2006, Digital Domain was purchased by an investment firm that included director Michael Bay.

Digital Domain was responsible for the 91 of the 630 visual effects shots in the live action Transformers movie, in particular, the Mountain Dew shooting robot created by the All Spark who is sometimes referred to as "Dispensor".

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