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Dillo is a Maximal in the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Dillo is a reformatted ancient task drone who was found by Nightscream. As one of the Deployers, he is capable of quick transformation abilities. He was taught by an ancient Autobot tracker in the ways of the mace bolo. Unfortunately he only uses it while retreating. He is a bit of a coward, but attempts to maintain a tough outer demeanor.


Universe: The Wreckers

Dillo first joins the Wreckers after the Oracle gives each of the groups assembled their tasks. He departs from Nightscream and Optimus Primal there. Departure

Dillo is presumed deceased after his half of the ship is jettisoned by Packrat and explodes. Betrayal


Beast Machines

  • Dillo (Basic, 2001)
Dillo is a purple and blue mechanical armadillo. He features a quick-change transformation and a mace bolo-shaped missile. (Judging from the shape of the missile, "bollo" is possibly a typo for "bola".)
  • Dillo (Basic, 2001)
The "running change" redeco of Dillo retains all his original features, but now in red and blue. The color changes were not reflected on the packaging, which still showed the original colors.


  • The redeco of Dillo was --according to store listings-- originally supposed to be named "Trench", just as the other two redecoed Deployers were to be renamed. Why this plan changed is unknown.

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