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Dina Morgan is a human in the Transformers: Rise of the Chevy Autobots portion of the Movie continuity family.
Dina morgan headshot

Voted "Most likely to retro-engineer the lifeblood of an alien robot" in the class of '90.

Dina Morgan is an automotive engineer for General Motors and its subsidiary Chevrolet.


Bumblebee's Mission Log

Bumblebee discovered a report filed by Morgan titled Fuel Solutions for the 21st Century. Although the report discussed a number of innovative technologies, the thing that caught Bumblebee's optic was a reference to energon:

"Highly explosive in its crystalline state, but once it is processed into a liquid form, ENERGON will be the natural resource of the 21st century and beyond."

Deeply intrigued by the prospect of a human knowing about energon, Bumblebee investigated Sector 42-83, but found only a blazing ruin, and no trace of Morgan or the missing Autobots Flash and Ridge.

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