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Ding Dong is a food in the Movie continuity family.
Movie Dingdong

Only one way to find out... oh. Fecal puck.

Ding Dong is a food cake that takes the shape of a circle, with a creamy filled centre and is covered with dark chocolate. The President of the United States has a fondness for the snack.


Transformers film

While flying in Air Force One, The President asks a flight attendant- "Yeah, can you wrangle me up some Ding Dongs, darling?" Out of sight, to other attendants present, said attendant shows contempt for the idea of: "I joined the Air Force to bring the man Ding Dongs; obviously expecting a more exalted duty out of her Air Force career. She uses the elevator to access the food storage, unwittingly bringing along somebody for the ride.

While unpacking a Ding Dong, the attendant drops it onto the floor, mutters "Shoot". Not bothering to notice Frenzy nearby, the attendant dusts it off and takes a bite out of the compromised Ding Dong. She declares it as "Ugh. Gross". Transformers

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