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The name or term Dinosaur refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dinosaur (disambiguation).

Dinosaurs from Transformers: Age of Extinction (Note that there are sauropods and hadrosaurs)


There's a party in my mouth, and only really depressing people are invited..

Dinosaurs are prehistoric animals that in the past
Pstacosaurus (AOE)


Transformers Brontosaurus
Transformers Triceratops
Transformers Dinosaurs

dominated the Earth. Scientific consensus holds that most of them became extinct 65 million years ago. In the various Transformers continuities, this belief is often reassessed.

Dinosaurs' most prominent influence in Transformers culture is serving as the altmodes for some of

Cyberformation" -HQ-02:02

Cyberformation" -HQ-

the most dangerous (and occasionally ludicrous) Transformers of all time.


The Transformers cartoon


The Land Before Time XXIII: The Great Robot Adventure

Dinosaurs were understood to have been sluggish and stupid. They dragged their tails on the ground, and T.rex walked fully upright. S.O.S. Dinobots

Dinosaurs survived the mass extinction of 65 million years ago and lived on into the present on the time-displaced, and energy-rich, Dinobot Island.

The most prominent saurians were the Dinobots, five rebellious (yet extremely powerful) Autobots, who proved time and again a match for an army of Decepticons. Other dinosaur Transformers are Trypticon, Sky Lynx, and the cassette warriors, Slugfest and Overkill.

Transformers who have Dinosaur altmodes have something known as "dinosaur electrons" within their systems. Transformation causes these electrons to release dinosaur transform static. Thief in the Night

Marvel Generation One comics

Dinosaurs survived in a part of the Antarctic known as the Savage Land.

Victory cartoon

The Dinoforce consisted of six Decepticons with sentient dinosaur Pretender shells and the ability to combine into Dinoking.

Beast Wars cartoon


I'm an unusually small T-rex, yesss.

Beast Wars featured two prominent dinosaur transformers, Dinobot (who was either a giant Velociraptor or a small Utahraptor or a regular Deinonychus), and Megatron, whose original and Transmetal altmodes were that of a small Tyrannosaurus. Later, Megatron used the Transmetal Driver to create a drone army of Velociraptors with Cybertronian enhancements. Cutting Edge

Terrorsaur transformed into a Pteranodon, an extinct (non-dinosaur) reptile.

Beast Wars II cartoon


Brother, I think my horn has a rash.

Gigastorm, Galvatron's younger brother took the form of a theropod dinosaur. He then made several Predaons Cyborg Beast including Thrust, now Thrustor, a cyborg raptor.

Beast Wars Neo cartoon

The Predacon lineup consisted of a number of dinosaurs, including Magmatron's components, Guiledart, Hardhead and Saberback.

Energon cartoon


Americans will never find me here...

The Terrorcon Cruellock is a theropod Dinosaur, but with a distinct Japanese giant monster influence.

Cybertron cartoon

Cybertron Undermine beastmode

He acts tough but keeps disappearing when Grimlock walks in the room.

Two of Scourge's underlings, Undermine and Brimstone, transform into a Spinosaurus and a Pteranodon, respectively.

Animated cartoon


Open the door / Get on the floor / Everybody walk the dinosaur

Dinosaurs were now understood to have been quick and agile, with T.rex holding its body parallel to the ground. Grimlock and Snarl are dinosaurs (a T.rex and a Triceratops), while Swoop is a Pteranodon. They form the Dinobots, based on animatronic robots that had entertained the public. Blast from the Past


  • Many, if not all, dinosaur-based alt-modes in Transformers fictions are now known to be horribly, horribly outdated.
  • The Tyrannosaurus is the most used alt- mode.

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