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Dirtbag is a Decepticon Auto Roller from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.
G2Dirtbag cardart

He likes to move it move it.

When the Decepticons are entrenched in battle against the Autobots, Dirtbag is the one tasked with carrying loads of munitions to his fellow troops. This job is what requires the titanium/steel composite armor that both protects him and, should he have to engage the enemy himself, hinders him. If the battle begins to favor the Autobots, Dirtbag will transform into robot mode and aid his comrades more directly, though his thick armor prevents him from doing much.

Dirtbag's Tech Spec motto

—Move it or lose it!


Generation 2

  • Dirtbag (Autoroller, 1995)
    • Accessories: 4 missiles
Dirtbag transforms into an "earth mover" dump truck. He has a twin spring-loaded missile launcher in his right arm, and a clamping "stun gun" claw on the left. He has an auto-transforming gimmick activated by rolling his rear wheels; roll forward to go to robot mode, and back to dump truck. A switch on his back end separates the gears of the gimmick, allowing him to roll freely in either mode. In vehicle mode, his missiles can peg onto the front end of the dump-bed for storage.
This mold was also intended to be used for "General Optimus Prime" later in Generation 2, but that release was canceled. He was later redecoed into Beast Wars II's Autostinger.


  • Dirtbag and his fellow Autoroller Roadblock were the first Generation 2 toys to have the "Pop-Ups" bonus "3-D" cards.

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