The Disciples of Boltax are a group of neutral Transformers in the Generation One continuity family.


Four Disciples of Boltax "guard" the Temple of Knowledge which houses the legendary superdatabase known as the Underbase. As Boltax's temple is off-limits to participants in the Transformer Civil War, the disciples verbally threaten pain and suffering to any Autobot or Decepticon who desires to pass them.

Other than looking creepy, the Disciples of Boltax don't appear to have much to support their dubious threats... though admittedly, they never do say how the pain and suffering will come.


Marvel Comics continuity


I guess they read the script.

Millions of years ago, a young Optimus Prime brought the Triggerbots with him on a quest to learn knowledge from Boltax. After surviving the multiple boobytraps en route to Boltax's Temple of Knowledge, Optimus Prime and his troops were met by the Disciples of Boltax. The disciples told Optimus that "pain and suffering will be yours" if he did not turn away. Calmly insistent on seeing Boltax, Optimus offered to leave his troops behind, to which the disciples reluctantly agreed. "Regrettably," a disciple stated, "the only way to deter you from your quest is to allow you to continue on it."

Optimus Prime's troops were followed by Megatron and the Triggercons, who wished to possess the Underbase for themselves. The Disciples of Boltax repeated the same warning to Megatron, but he and his troops were not as benevolent. After the smoke cleared, there was nothing left of the disciples but rubble. The Flames of Boltax!

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