This article is about the Beast Wars II Maximal. For the Masterforce Autobot, see Diver (Masterforce).
Diver is a Maximal from the Beast Wars II era of the Generation One continuity.

Holy Diver! You've been gone too long in the midnight sea! Oh what's becoming of me!?

Diver is a bit timid, to be honest. Though not an out and out coward he can be both carefree and careless. He likes to spend his time soaking in the wonder of life, savoring mundane activities and manual labor. He is full of excuses to keep himself off the battlefield whenever possible. He understands somewhere deep down how serious and dangerous the war is and just wants to enjoy life as much as possible before the inevitable end comes. Never-the-less, he can be roused to heroism when his friends are in danger. He hangs out with Tasmania Kid, most often, who acts as his rowdy, carefree polar opposite, often getting the pair in all sorts of trouble. He likes to sing rap songs to himself.

Diver can transform into a frog and is capable of spitting his robot head out of his mouth, placed on the tip of his tongue. Diver's special attack consists of blowing bubbles at his enemies. There's a reason this guy doesn't fare too well on the battlefield.


Beast Wars II cartoon

Voice actor: Kenji Nakano (Japan)

Beast Wars II manga


Beast Wars II

  • Diver & Niagara Base (1998)
Japanese ID number: X-2
Diver was available in Japan as part of the Beast Wars II toyline. He is basic-sized, and transforms into a green frog. His frog form can stick out its tongue (and thus his robot head) as a spring-loaded function. This toy came with the Niagra Base playset.
This mold was also used for Spittor and Transmetal Spittor.

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