Don figueroa

The DON, artist, designer and a career batting average of 99.94

Don Allan Figueroa is a Filipino-American artist and a toy designer. Originally, he was the writer and artist of the fan-comic series "Macromasters," which featured his original designs, of which he would build transformable, scratch-built toys. When Dreamwave Productions received the Transformers comic book license, Figueroa was initially signed on to illustrate packaging art for the Armada toy line, and subsequently he would pencil The War Within miniseries. For the latter, Figueroa designed a pre-Earth mode for every single character (with the exception of Megatron, whose design was done by Pat Lee) that appeared in the series. Aaron Archer took notice of his talents, and Figueroa helped design toys for Hasbro, most notably the Titanium and Classics series, as well as contributing art to IDW Publishing's new range of Transformers comics.

Eventually he became burnt out on Transformers and left the franchise as his primary creative work, said to be taking an indefinite break.

Everyone still loves him though... which may be why he returned to illustrate the Shattered Glass comic.

Note: Don's 'secret file' sketches for the The War Within collections include the login 'Maraudimus Prime,' one of his screen names.

Comic book art


IDW Publishing

Titan Magazines

Fun Publications

DVD cover art

Madman Entertainment

Sony Wonder

  • The Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary Edition DVD

Transformers packaging art




Transformers toy designs


Note: Hasbro-Galoob's adherence to his concept designs varied wildy.


Note: Despite popular opinion to the contrary, Don did not actually design Classics Jetfire. According to him, he had seen the design some time before the public did, and decided to use it in IDW Publishing's Stormbringer mini-series.

Universe (2008)


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