Megatron creates a non-transforming clone of Dinobot in an effort to disable Sentinel.

Production Company/Animation Studio Mainframe Entertainment

Co-Production Company Alliance

Writer Rowby Goren

Director John Pozer

Dinobot mirror

"Hmm. He looks good, but is he tasty?"

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In a scene reminiscent of a certain early gothic novel, Megatron and Scorponok create a velociraptor clone based on the DNA of Dinobot, Clone 1, which also possesses a copy of Dinobot's mind.

Terrorsaur attacks the real Dinobot while on patrol and buries him in a cave-in so that Clone 1's origin is not spotted if the real Dinobot was to be present. Clone 1 is sent to infiltrate the Maximal Base in his place, but fails to convince Optimus Primal to immediately attack a fictional Predacon camp in Grid Omega. Primal instead sends the Clone and Rattrap to fix the camp's exact location.

Rattrap Transforms to attack the alleged base and almost discovers the Clone's inability to Transform, but stands down when the Clone reminds him this is a recon mission. Rattrap is puzzled by this uncharacteristic show of restraint, but stands down. While crossing an open lava flow, Clone 1 kicks the bridge out from under Rattrap, apparently sending him to his death.

Clone 1 returns to the Axalon (now crewed only by Optimus Primal) and fakes an injury, telling Primal that they discovered the Predacon camp under cover of a "stealth device" and Rattrap is trapped. Despite having just received a report from Rhinox that Grid Omega shows no signs of Predacon activity, Optimus Primal activates Sentinel and leaves to rescue Rattrap.

Clone 1 struggles to deactivate the shield without Dinobot's authorization codes. Meanwhile, the real Dinobot, who has freed himself from the cave-in, returns to the Axalon and deactivates the perimeter shield. Clone 1 believes he has finally succeeded and summons Megatron.

Primal and Cheetor rendezvous in Grid Omega, where they pick up Rattrap's trail. Rattrap, who landed on a chunk of rock on the lava flow, leaps for his life when the flow becomes a lavafall. He then grenade jumps back to stable ground, which draws Cheetor and Primal.

The two Dinobots come face to face and are momentarily baffled as their identical reflexes cause them to mirror one another's reactions. Clone 1 realizes the situation first and attacks, but Dinobot Transforms and challenges the clone to a fight. As soon as he discovers that his double cannot Transform, Dinobot returns to Beast Mode and the two fight on equal terms. The Clone is losing ground, but a lucky blow appears to knock Dinobot unconscious. Clone 1 eagerly goes to meet Megatron, not realizing that Dinobot, in a tactic introduced in Enter the Nightbird, was really playing robo-possum...

Dinobot poses as his clone and greets Megatron outside the base and flatters his ego while discovering his plan to ambush the Maximals as they return from Grid Omega then use their own defense grid to finish them off. Dinobot activates the perimeter shield just as Megatron is walking through it, shocking him badly. Megatron initially believes the clone has betrayed him just as Dinobot did, but is cheered to learn that's not the case. With the arrival of the other Maximals, Megatron retreats.

The Maximals survey the damaged command center in dismay and inquire what happened to the clone. Dinobot informs them that it is gone for good...and was 'quite tasty.'


"At last, an end to the boredom!"

Dinobot, delighted to be attacked

"Peaceful as an R-chamber. Looks like old chopper face is seein' things."

Rattrap doesn't believe in the clone's existence

"It's time to blow this joint!"

Rattrap demonstrates the proper method for a WartHog jump

"Well that's just prime."

Rattrap copies Optimus Primal's favorite quote.

"What in the Inferno are you!?"
"What you might have been, had you not betrayed Megatron."

Dinobot, meet Clone 1, Clone 1, Dinobot

"Ooh, your brilliance is an inspiration to me!"
"Oh, you are an enchanting creature! I may just clone the rest of my troops."

Dinobot impersonates his clone, to Megatron

Rattrap: "If there was a clone, then where is he, huh?"
Dinobot: "I'm afraid he's gone for good. A shame, really; he was such a handsome creature. And... quite tasty."
[Dinobot flicks a piece of flesh from his teeth at Primal and belchs rather loudly. Cheetor gives him a thumbs up.]
Optimus Primal: "...You're disgusting."
[Dinobot smiles]

—The Maximals discover the clone's deliciously gruesome fate: eaten off-screen


Original air date: November 5, 1996
Writer: Rowby Goren Director: John Pozer

Featured Characters

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Maximals Predacons Others


  • Clone 1's skin will later be seen on the wall of Dinobot's room one season after. Code of Hero
  • Megatron is extremely pleased to learn the clone did not betray him. One might suppose that if Dinobot had let him think clones were unreliable it would have saved the Maximals a world of trouble. Ah, hindsight.
  • Megatron would clone Dinobot twice more; the Cyber raptors in Cutting Edge and Dinobot II in Feral Scream Part 1. The Oracle would use DNA from Dinobot's spark to create the Dinobots in Beast Machines.
  • The Chamber Dinobot's clone was created in appears to be an extensively refitted Predacon R-Chamber.

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Glitch

Continuity errors

  • Error

Transformers references

  • The Dinobot (Maximal)-Dinobot (Clone) showdown is reminiscent of the battle between Swoop and Snarl vs Grimlock, Slag and Sludge in the G1 episode War of the Dinobots; in that two Dinobots, one the genuine article and the other a doppleganger, enter the prehistoric heat of battle
    • How Dinobot managed to defeat his clone was based on a tactic used in Enter the Nightbird, as noted in the plot summary above.

Real-world references

  • Reference


  • While the Dinobot clone is trying to deactivate Sentinel, a holographic Maximal logo appears with Cybertronix writing under it saying "who is this putz scally user." Then the shot changes to behind the projection as some more text appears next to a diagram that says "hey ian go f**k yourself," making one wonder what Ian James Corlett did to piss off an animator. Then the words 'Merv Griffin' display.


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