Download is an Autobot in the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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Look out! That wall is right next to you!

Download was a member of Hot Rod's unit to Ki-Aleta. His alternate mode was a treaded missile launcher.


IDW comics continuity

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Upon arriving at the Omega Bunker, Hot Rod and Download tunneled their way into the room which was carrying the Magnificence, with Download's being the one to bring down the force field that surrounded the object. Although Download thought that it was wrong to simply take it, Hot Rod reminded him that if the Autobots didn't get it, the Decepticons would try and take it, and have a roadmap to whatever they needed. His sense of purpose reinforced, Download started to deactivate the force field. As Gizmo alerted Hot Rod that the holomatter generator was malfunctioning, the field suddenly went off. Download reached out for the Magnificence - and was slagged by the previously unseen Omega Guardians. Spotlight: Hot Rod