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Dragstrip's Concept Art from War for Cybertron on the Nintendo DS

When it comes to bragging, Dragstrip is champion. He is always saying how he is faster, stronger, better, and harder to beat than the other decepticons, including Megatron. He'd never do it to his face, though. Despite his overconfidence (if that's what you want to call it), he has not been seen in a race or 1-on-1 fight against anyone. Dragstrip is one of the Stunticons, though they are never seen in their combined form of Menasor within the games.

War for Cybertron

—I can win this war by myself! Ha ha!, Dragstrip


War for Cybertron Nintendo DS

Voice actor: Eric Artell
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Fall of Cybertron video game


I champion!

Dragstrip is an infiltrator class warrior. His parts can be used in the multiplayer.



  • Dragstrip is a playable character in the Nintendo DS version of War for Cybertron. He is considered a light character in the game, since he is small and fast and obviously cannot fly (although his Generation 1 cartoon counterpart would beg to differ).
  • He is not unlockable normally in the Autobots game, but can be unlocked by playing multiplayer.
  • In the Decepticons version of the game, he is unlocked through a data disk in the level "The Attack of Iacon." A flying character is required to access him. Even though this level is a bonus level in the Autobots game, the data disks vary depending on the Autobot and Decepticon games.