As the Decepticons wage their war on Cybertron, a group of Mini-Cons rescues their captured friends and escapes the planet.


Optimus Prime and the other Autobots survey the wreckage of the Mini-Con village that was attacked. Not a single one remains, and the Autobots (especially Smokescreen) are understandably upset. Optimus Prime tells everyone to keep a level head so they can figure out what the Decepticons are planning.

Megatron, Starscream, Demolishor, and Cyclonus launch their attack on Cyber City. Meanwhile, Sparkplug has been rescued by the Air Defense Team, the only three Mini-Cons to escape from the Decepticons' base, who tell him that they're living in the garbage district of Cybertron. They've found some very useful things, including a small shuttle, and plan on rescuing the other Mini-Cons and leaving Cybertron. Using Sparkplug and a rickety jetpack as a distraction, they break in and set to work freeing them.

Meanwhile, the Autobots attempt to stop the Decepticons, but the augmented power granted by the Mini-Cons proves too much for them, and Optimus Prime orders a retreat. As Megatron revels in his victory, he is alerted to a critical situation: someone has infiltrated the base, and all the Mini-Cons have escaped. He turns around in time to see their shuttle rocket off into space...

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Mini-Cons


  • None yet identified.


  • Cyclonus is misspelled as "Cyclonis" on page 5.
  • Runway is misspelled as "Runaway" on page 9.
  • The Destruction Mini-Con Team is part of Megatron's personal cache of Mini-Cons, yet later they were shown to have escaped with the others.

Items of note

  • This issue corrected a crediting error from issue 1, that James Raiz drew his own backgrounds with assistance from Edwin Garcia.

Covers (1)

  • Megatron covered in Mini-Cons, art by James Raiz.


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