Millions of years after the Great War started, a trio of Earth kids finds a group of deactivated Mini-Cons.


The war on Cybertron wages on for millions of years, with the Decepticons quickly becoming the dominant force on the planet. The escaped Mini-Cons, meanwhile, experience some engine trouble. Their ship crashes into the Moon, with half of it breaking off and falling to Earth.

Millions of years later, Rad, Carlos, and Alexis unveil Project Supernova: a cardboard plane supported by balloons and with a dummy as a rider. Though they get it to fly, a pair of bullies pops the balloons. As Rad climbs down to look for the dummy's helmet, he falls into a crevice, finds the crashed Mini-Con ship, and accidentally activates a homing beacon that alerts both the Decepticons and the Autobots to their presence on Earth, prompting both groups to open space bridge portals (the Decepticons to claim the Mini-Cons, and the Autobots to stop them). He also wakes up Sparkplug and the Street Action Team, whom he hides in his garage despite Alexis's reservations.

The next morning, they find that not only have the Mini-Cons repaired themselves with the tools they found, but they're created a real, working version of Project Supernova. As they fly off, Sparkplug remarks that the fun has just begun, not realizing that Megatron is looming right behind them.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Mini-Cons


  • None yet identified.


  • The Mini-Con computer displays English text.

Items of note

Covers (2)

DW Armada 3b

Aliens! Oh wait...

— both covers by James Raiz

  • Regular cover: Starscream and the other Decepticons above the Earth
  • Alternate cover: Mini-Cons in field stare in terror


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