Megatron and the Decepticons try to recapture the Street Action Team, but are stopped by the arrival of the Autobots.


The Autobots appear on Earth at the Allspark Dam, surprising and scaring away a group of kids on a field trip. Optimus Prime impresses the importance of stealth, but Smokescreen and Scavenger say they'd rather just use brute force to get the job done. Prime gets angry and tells them that they're not like the Decepticons, and to save their anger for battle.

Meanwhile, the kids and their Mini-Cons frantically try to escape from Megatron, and ultimately succeed, but only barely. The Decepticons take some time to scan Earth modes for themselves. The Mini-Cons do likewise. They are soon being chased by the Decepticons again, but run into Optimus Prime and Scavenger in a canyon, who start fighting with Cyclonus and Starscream. Megatron, in his new tank form, rolls up over the edge and levels his gun barrel at Optimus Prime...

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