Desperate for more power, Megatron captures the Air Defense Team and reworks them into the Star Saber.


Megatron tries to force more power out of Leader-1, but the Mini-Con tells him that their powers are not limitless. Megatron announces that if he cannot get more power out of his Mini-Cons, he will simply have to get more Mini-Cons.

Meanwhile, the Air Defense Team is discussing the situation. They've decided that they don't want to get in the middle of the war, and that they have to find a way off the planet somehow. Just then, Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons burst in.

Back in Lincoln, the kids are playing the forest, when they run into the Autobots. Optimus Prime tells them that he doesn't want them to become involved in their war. Sparkplug starts to give his agreement, when he suddenly gets an emergency transmission on the Mini-Cons' private frequency.

The Decepticons successfully capture the Air Defense Team, and Leader-1 assures Megatron that he blocked the distress call. Back at the Autobot base, Laserbeak tells the Autobots that he saw three Mini-Con captives before he was spotted and had to flee. Sparkplug, Jolt, and Longarm want to mount a covert mission to rescue them, but Optimus Prime is against it. He fears what might happen if they were to be captured and put to use by the Decepticons.

Despite Prime's orders, the three Mini-Cons go with the kids to the Decepticon base at Silver Ridge. They successfully sneak in, but are discovered by Starscream. In the ensuing battle, the supports are damaged and the ceiling collapses on top of the Decepticon. Elsewhere, Megatron holds up the newly completed Star Saber...

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Mini-Cons


  • None yet identified


  • On page 7, Sparkglug is drawn as Hot Shot.
  • Sparkplug is shown to have the ability to powerlinx with Optimus Prime. However, it had already been established that the ability to powerlinx was due to Decepticon rewiring on Mini-Con internal systems, and Sparkplug was never captured by the Decepticons. It was later retconned that the Mini-Cons could always powerlinx to larger Transformers, and the Decepticon working only made it so the powerlinxing could be forced.
  • Pages 13 and 14 have overlapping panels, as if it's meant to be read left-to-right across both pages; however, it's not meant to be at all. Why it was drawn like that is unknown.
  • On page 18, Starscream sees the Mini-Cons and responds "well... hello!". Except the Mini-Cons haven't been drawn in to that panel, nor anything that could be them.
  • Demolishor is drawn without his "eyepatch".

Items of note

  • Cameos: Sureshock, High Wire and Grindor.
  • Simon Furman took over permanent writing duties of the title with this issue.
  • The names Runamuck and Runabout have been spray-painted onto a sign outside the Air Defense Team's base. This is likely a reference to "Decepticon Graffiti!". Also on the sign is "Since 1984", the year the Transformers debuted.
  • Rad, Carlos and Alexis' hometown is inexplicably changed from Science City to Lincoln, South Dakota. They also seem to have gotten considerably older; in previous issues they appeared to be seven or eight years old at most but now look like middle-schoolers, matching the cartoon more than the previous issues.
  • Leader-1, Jolt and the Air Defense Team look different to their previous appearances, resembling their toys more. No reason is given for this change (likely just the artist's preference).
  • The Decepticons have established their Silver Ridge base that they'll use for the rest of the Armada run.
  • Laserbeak makes his first appearance, but completely off-panel and with no sign who is talking unless you know he's a flying camera.
  • This issue was released only a week after the previous issue.

Covers (1)

  • Megatron and the Star Saber, art by Pat Lee.


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