Megatron attacks the Autobots with the Star Saber, but they are saved by the arrival of the Land Military Team.


Megatron laughs maniacally about the power of the Star Saber. Collecting Cyclonus, Demolishor, and Starscream, he heads off to Lincoln to attack the Autobots.

Meanwhile, Sparkplug laments his stupidity at going against Optimus Prime's orders. Longarm tells him that the Air Defense Team was in danger, and they merely did what they had to. "And besides," he says, "Help is on the way." The kids activate the distress beacon that the Mini-Cons gave them, and soon enough the Land Military Mini-Con Team arrives, demanding to know where they got a Mini-Con panic pager. The kids tell them the situation, and the Mini-Cons decide that there really isn't much they can do, as even though they're not with the Decepticons, they're not on side of the Autobots either. Disgusted that they could be so irresponsible, Rad declares that he's going to rescue them on his own. Wreckage is impressed with his bravery, and decides that they'll help out after all.

At Lincoln, the Autobots fall under attack by the Decepticons, but suddenly realize that they don't have any Mini-Cons to help them this time. They fight back as best as they can, but the power of the Star Saber proves too much for them. Soon, however, the Land Military Team arrives with Jolt, Sparkplug, and Longarm to even out the odds. At first Optimus Prime says that with Sparkplug, he has the power to end things once and for all, for he soon realizes that it's not about power: it's about respect for that power, as well as the individual. The Air Defense Team then breaks free of Megatron's control, separates, and attacks him, forcing a retreat. After the battle, though, they and the Land Military Team leave to carry on the fight in their own way. Optimus Prime notes that even without them, their respect still gives them an edge over the Decepticons.

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Covers (2)

DW Armada 7b

My wing is a sword... really, it is!

  • Regular cover: Megatron fights Optimus while the Military Team ignores Sparkplug, art by Guido Guidi.
  • Alternate cover: Starscream, art by Pat Lee.


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