Strange lights in the sky and crop circles coincide with a mass exodus of the Earthbound Mini-Cons.


A stone monolith comes crashing to Earth in a field. It launches a number of probes and begins to send out a radio signal.

In Lincoln, Sparkplug is angry with Optimus Prime. Despite how supportive and welcoming the Autobots have been, it's clear that they are the ones calling the shots, and not the Mini-Cons. As on Cybertron, he feels that they're only being used as a means to an end.

At Lincoln Middle School, Rad starts to get in a fight with some bullies, but is saved by the intervention of the Street Action Team. But as they ride away, the Mini-Cons suddenly stop responding and begin moving themselves through the street against the flow of traffic.

At the Decepticon base at Silver Ridge, Cyclonus goes to lock the Mini-Cons back up after their time spent training, but finds that they've all mysteriously vanished, and the defense systems have been rewired to attack him instead. Starscream alerts Megatron to the situation. The Decepticon leader is confused, as the Mini-Cons know they've been tagged with homing beacons and would be unable to hide.

At the Autobot base, too, Optimus Prime receives word that their Mini-Cons have left. Red Alert feels they may just need some time to cool off, but Optimus Prime is worried: after the situation with the Air Defense Team, he's unsure of what they might do next.

At the stone monolith, all the Earthbound Mini-Cons have gathered, the kids among them. All of them are standing completely still, staring at it intently. Just then the Decepticons arrive, happy about the Mini-Con bounty that has fallen into their laps. As they try to take them, though, lasers fire out of the monolith at them. Rad sneaks over to Sparkplug, activates his communicator, and contacts Optimus Prime, who arrives shortly thereafter with Red Alert and Hot Shot in tow.

As the Autobots and Decepticons fight amongst themselves, the kids see that a door has opened in the monolith and all the Mini-Cons are walking in. As the Transformers are otherwise preoccupied, Rad runs in behind them. The door shuts and the monolith rockets off into space, leaving Alexis standing in a giant Mini-Con symbol that has been burned into the ground...

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Mini-Cons


  • None yet identified


  • Liftor and Rollbar are curiously absent from the Mini-Cons being abducted.

Items of note

Covers (1)

  • Mini-Cons in a field — recolored version of issue #3 alt cover by James Raiz.


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