The name or term Drench refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Drench (disambiguation).
Drench is an Autobot from the Generation 2 section of the Generation One continuity family.
G2 Drench cardart

What the hell?

Drench can drive very fast in vehicle mode, but his mind is quicker yet. He puts this flow of knowledge to work in the laboratory, staying up far past his recharging time on Kremzeek-fueled invention binges. At these times he is completely caught up in his research, like a youthful Perceptor, and from this research comes a steady stream of powerful tools for Autobot warfare, built by his own skilled manipulators.

To his army buddies, however, Drench is just a young bot who thrives on excitement, and a valuable companion in a firefight. They value him for his ironclad courage, but equally for his skill with the weapons he builds. Of these, his favorites are those which rely on high-pressure fluids.

Drench probably finds it irritating when fellow Transformers confuse him with Deluge.


IDW comics continuity

Drench was killed by Nemesis Prime's death touch when the corrupted Prime attacked the Garrus-9 facility. Spotlight: Doubledealer


Generation 2

  • Drench (Color Changer, 1993)
Drench transforms into a LeMans-style race car. In both vehicle and robot modes, he has a double-barreled water-cannon that uses a plastic bellows to store water. His hood/chest changes from dark green to a milky-white with temperature changes, but faster in cold or warm water.
There is a variation to Drench's water-cannon; one version has painted-gold gun-tips, while later releases have unpainted yellow tips and uses a larger bellows.
Drench is almost identical to the European Aquaspeeder Deluge. The most immediately obvious difference is that Drench uses transparent-black plastics for his windows and visor, though the colors on the decals are different between the two versions as well.


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