Drill Nuts is a Maximal Insectron from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Perhaps I should be the team's drill-man.

Drill Nuts (ドリルナッツ, do-ri-ru-na-ttsu) is a self-proclaimed genius (of the Wheeljack variety) and "Master Inventor of the Insectrons". When he's not making bombs and explosives for use in underground operations, he spends most of his free time building strange and intricate doodads. Most of it is really just junk that doesn't even work that well ("Boomerang Bomb," anyone?) but he enjoys doing it nonetheless. He has a very sarcastic personality that often comes off as rude or insulting, at least to those who fail to appreciate his genius. Drill Nuts is more at home underground than above it and is an expert at laying booby traps or popping up under an unsuspecting foe. His only real flaws are when his inventions backfire (admittedly, a fairly common occurrence) or he gets too paranoid and forgets exactly how many traps he's laid and where.


Beast Wars II and Neo animation

Voice actor: Yūji Kishi (Japan)
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Beast Wars II manga

IDW Beast Wars comics

Drill nuts is part of Lio Convoy's elite special operations unit, the Pack. The Ascending (issue 2)

Note: Drill Nuts was constantly mis-colored as his mold-mate, the Predacon Drill Bit, over the course of this series. Just remember; in issue 4, Drill Nuts is on Cybertron and Drill Bit is on Earth.


Beast Wars II

  • Drill Nuts (Basic, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: C-21
A redeco of Drill Bit, Drill Nuts transforms into an organic boll weevil. His drill-arm can be flipped out for use in beast mode and uses a gear-wheel system to spin the bit.
The Drill Bit mold appears to have an engineering defect; the pegs on the insect-leg parts are pointed in the wrong direction to fit into the holes intended for them. This defect was not fixed for Drill Nuts.

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