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Drillfrog is a Beastformer from the Headmasters postion of the Generation One continuity family.

Horny, horny, horny tonight.

Drillfrog is one of the many Beastformers who joined the insurgent army under Alligatoron raised by Galvatron in order to aid his Decepticons in conquering the formerly-peaceful planet Beest. His role in the Decepticon-allied Beastformer forces is an underwater offensive soldier. He is aided in this role by the fact that he naturally contaminates drinking water with venom discharged from his body. His hands and feet can support his weight sticking to any surface, and he is a powerful jumper. Presumably these are inherint attributes of his species.

Drillfrog holds the rank of King of Baraki, in whose agricultural area he was born, over Emperor Snake Bomb. One can assume Snake Bomb doesn't care for him, since although Drillfrog likes to joke, he has a bad reputation among his friends for saying things that are too cruel. What a jerk.

Sometimes there are lots of him.

English name: Horny Toad


Cartoon continuity (Japan-only)

Headmasters anime

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Voice actor: Hirohiko Kakegawa

Great Decisive Battle of Planet Beest manga



  • Drillfrog (Beastformer, 1987)
    • Beast ID number: 7
    • Accessories: "Log Driller" scythe
Drillfrog is an anthropomorphic bright green bullfrog in high-tech maroon and dark yellow armor. His left hand has been replaced with a drill. He comes with his "Log Driller" scythe. He has one of three rubsigns on his abdomen, revealing the elemental power of fire, water, or wood.


  • Drillfrog (Beastformer, 1987)
    • Beast ID number: 7
    • Accessories: "Log Driller" scythe
Later in 1987, Drillfrog was reissued in the third wave of Beastformers, in new packaging with no Transformers logos or insignia. His bio card still featured the Decepticon symbol, however.

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