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This article is about the live-action movie series Autobot. For the Armada Mini-Con, see Dune Runner (Armada).
Dune Runner is an Autobot from the Revenge of the Fallen franchise in the live-action film continuity family.
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Back on Cybertron, most rolling surfaces are flat, lightly, textured roads — perfect for speed and traction. It wasn't changed until he got to Earth that Dune Runner experienced anything like sand or shale. He can't say he enjoys his vehicle mode, but he appreciates that it lets him patrol the deserts and mountains, where many Decepticons have taken to hiding.


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  • Dune Runner (Scout, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: RA-16
Revenge of the Fallen Dune Runner is a Scout Class toy with a vehicle mode based on the Sector Seven dune buggies seen in the first film, the same vehicle also used as the basis for the Landmine. However, Landmine was a Deluxe class figure and transformed very differently to Dune Runner.
Interestingly, his aqua plastic is gunmetal for the pictures featured on his box.
Dune Runner's stock photographs have his feet mistransformed. The headlights should be higher on his ankles, and two blue 'heels' should be unfolded.
This mold was also used to make Revenge of the Fallen Beachcomber, and Transformers Crankstart.

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