Dylan Gould owns a multi-international car company that Carly works for. He is in fact a human collaborator of the Decepticons.


Dark of the Moon film

Actor: Patrick Dempsey

Dylan revealed he's a human that works for the Decepticons when he told Sam and Carly "My father always said when the war isn't yours, always join the winning side". When Sam and Carly began to run from him, he asked his maid if his revelation was too forward. Dylan forced Sam wear the Watch-bot that would try to obtain any Autobot secrets or tactics.


When Sam told Dylan that the Autobots had no plans of retaliation, Dylan replied that he knew this was going to happen and ordered Starscream to shoot down the Xantium carrying the Autobots. Dylan tried to keep Sam's girlfriend Carly captive and as his future wife, but Sam arrived with Bumblebee and rescueed her. Later, Dylan commanded Soundwave to execute the Autobot captives but failed due to Wheelie and Brains' intervention.


Even though it appears that Autobots are winning, Dylan continues working with the Decepticons when he turns on the Control Pillar. Sam came to confront Dylan just when Megatron attacked Sentinel Prime. Dylan punched Sam and caused him to fall and lie on some debris.


—You think you're a hero? YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO?!!


—No, I'm just the messenger.

Dylan was eventually killed when Sam hit him in the head with a metal rod with a cement block attached to it, causing him to fall back in the Control Pillar and electrocuting him. Dark of the Moon


  • Soundwave / Mr. Gould with Laserbeak (Human Alliance, 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DD09


  • As the movie progresses, Dylan and Carly appear to have some history together.
  • Dylan seems to have some respect from the Decepticons (although Megatron refers to him as an "insect operative" or in a translation, a "Rotten Insect"), who listen to him. This can be seen when he first ordered Soundwave to watch over Sam and Carly covertly (as her new car) and then for Soundwave to keep Carly contained but not kill her in order to get Sam to cooperate. Next, his cries of the Autobots' return are taken without question. Soundwave also listens to his advice about not taking prisoners.
  • Dylan suffers a worse death in the comics and novel, being disintegrated. The scene in the film where he is shown being killed was possibly very limited due to timing or complications on several 3D CGI graphics. It could have been changed due to being too violent, however— this is Michael Bay we're talking about...
  • In a scene, Dylan calls the Decepticons his "clients".
  • Based on the dialogue during the Chicago Invasion, Dylan implies that the only two reasons he's working for the Decepticons is that he inherited working with the 'Cons from his dad and because he doesn't want to be a slave.

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