The EMP Shotgun is a close-range weapon. It has a two round magazine, with high power and limited range. Since you have to reload often, you should not rush in to an area with a ton of enemies. It is a lot more powerful than the Scatter Blaster, but it has less range and less ammo.


  • The severely limited range of the EMP Shotgun is a handicap that limits it's use to either inside very tight areas or as an emergency fallback weapon.
    • However, the community knows that this gun can shoot farther than expected. The Soldier class in particular, can use his Sharpshooter perk, allowing him to reduce spread. This makes the already powerful shotgun even more powerful at a longer range.
  • The only enemies that carry the EMP Shotgun in the campaign mode are the Shock Troops. These tough bots are also equipped with Overshields and EMP Grenades which only increase their lethality.
    • The Shock Troopers are renamed Shotgunners in Escalation.
  • The model of the EMP Shotgun reappears in Dark of the Moon game. It is renamed as just the Shotgun and now has a larger magazine. It is carried in the campaign by Ironhide and Optimus. It is carried as the secondary weapon in multiplayer by the hunter class as well as a few other characters.

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