Edward Morris is a human character in Generation One.

Edward Morris is an American civilian government official attached to NATO's peacekeeping operation in Carbombya. He is a pudgy man who wears cheap suits.


Transformers Legends anthology

Two for the Price of One by Brandie Tarvin

Morris attended a highly classified meeting with two other NATO civilian officials at which they received a breifing from Major Joseph Bergstrum, commander of the organization's military forces in Carbombia. At this briefing they were shown video tape footage confiscated from a reporter showing that the forces loyal to deposed Carbombian dictator Faghadi had obtained laser weapons of greater sophisication than any yet developed by human science.

The weaponry's extra-terrestial origins were confirmed when Japanese government agent Sato Noriko arrived at the meeting. She presented intelligence information indicating that the weapons were Cybertronic in design, and had been sold to the Carbombians by the Decepticon, Swindle.

Associated characters

Teresa Gruber

A German government official who also attended the briefing. She wore a tan suit.

Cesre Prado

An Italian scientist who also attended the briefing, he is highly knowledgable in the field of laser weapons. He has frizzy hair.

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