Emissary of the Fourth Planet is the thirty-third episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on December 02, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




As the Nemesis passes by another planet and begins to suck its energy, a temple rises from the ground. A sudden sphere of energy emerges from the temple and dashes off towards Gaea. As the sphere passes by the Gaeaen moon, Artemis and Moon notice that the sphere isn't a ball of energy, but a small emissary device from another planet. At the Cybertron base, Diver, Santon, Tasmanian Kid, Bighorn, and Scuba (with the Tako-Tank) prepare to move another large cannon out of storage. Inside the base, Navi reads the emissary on her radar right before it crashes. It crashes near the Cybertron base, so they go to investigate. At the crash site, the emissary is in fine shape and starts communicating with Navi. After reaching base, the emissary says it must locate a source of information on the planet.

As the Cybertrons and the emissary make their way to an information center, Hellscream and Max B spy above. They report back to Galvatron, who orders them to steal the emissary. The two Destrons attack and quickly snatch the emissary. Lioconvoy flies up to grab the emissary back, but Max B and Hellscream play keep-away from Lioconvoy with the emissary. Skywarp then appears from above and snatches the emissary. As Skywarp lands, he forms Magnaboss with Lio Jr and Santon. As the rest of the Cybertrons head off in the canyon, Magnaboss keeps Hellscream and Max B at bay.

As the Cybertrons reach the end of a box canyon, the emissary scans the walls and locates a secret entrance to a cave. The door opens and the Cybertrons, with the emissary, travel down a set of stairs. At the Gaeaen moon, Moon has done some research and discovers that the emissary has other purposes. He quickly transforms into robot mode and transports to Gaea to warn the Cybertrons (even though they can't see him through his invisibility). When Moon reaches Gaea, he transports right into the midst of the battle and is nearly hit several times. While Magnaboss continues to fight, Lioconvoy, Apache, and the emissary have reached the computer first seen when Galvatron used it to obtain his dragon and drill modes. Outside, Moon uses Lio Jr's link to Gaea to make himself visible to Magnaboss. Magnaboss finally sees Moon, and Moon tells him that the emissary is not there to help the Cybertrons. At the super computer, the emissary enters the computer. The computer then retells that an ancient civilization once lived on Gaea, but left in massive waves as the evil Angolmois became too much for them to bear. Artemis and Moon were left behind as watchers on the moon. The emissary then activates the computer's doomsday protocol. It will ram the moon into Gaea, destroying its Angolmois and everything on it. As the protocol activates, the ground begins to shake everywhere. Hellscream and Max B retreat, while Magnaboss heads to the cave. Inside, Magnaboss informs Lioconvoy of what Moon told him. Lioconvoy then orders an attack on the computer...


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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