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The Energon Battle Pistol is a pistol that has very few uses. It fires in one-shot bursts and has a scope that allows for semi-long range combat. However, it is fairly accurate. Besides its medium-high recoil, this is OK for long range combat when power is not as important. Therefore, it can be somewhat useful as a battle rifle.


  • It is Bumblebee's primary weapon.
  • This weapon has such a slow firing rate and even lower damage rate that it is best used as an emergency backup weapon only. The only time that a player should use this weapon is if they have absolutely no other option. Its only use is as a stand in for sniper weapons (Photon burst rifle or Null-ray) if none are available.
  • In Fall of Cybertron, the Energon Battle Pistol is reformatted into the Path Blaster, now Optimus Prime's main weapon.

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