The device in Prime redirects here. For The weapon from Fall of Cybertron, see Energon Harvester (FOC).

Starscream holds the Energon Harvester

The Energon Harvester was a device designed by Ancient Autobots. It had the ability to drain energon out of any source, including other Transformers. It was hidden on Earth by the ancient Autobots who provided clues to its existence using ancient Greek art.


Prime cartoon

During an energon scouting mission, Bulkhead and Miko found an ancient Greek mosaic depicting the device Optimus, remembering that the ancients used art to hide messages, determined that it must be on Earth. Unfortunately Breakdown also saw, and subsequently destroyed, the mosaic thus alerting the Decepticons to its existence.


The mural depicting the Energon Harvester

After the device was discovered to be in a museum the Autobots and Decepticons set out to obtain it with the Decepticons ending up taking it. Starscream then returned to the location of the mosaic to drain the energon from the rocks in the area. Bulkhead, knowing that Starscream would be there, also returned to the location in an effort to regain the device. Starscream then turned the device on Bulkhead and began draining the energon out of him. Due to his size, Bulkhead was able to survive long enough to take the device from Starscream and destroy it before it could do any more harm.

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