The Energon Repair Ray is a weapon from War for Cybertron

Ratchet with an Energon Repair Ray

The Energon Repair Ray is a healing tool that can be used in combat. When targeted at an ally, it will regenerate damage, but it will slowly drain them of their health when targeted at an adversary.


NOTE: the upgrades listed only upgrade the Energon Repair Ray(excluding General upgrades).


  • Range Finder


  • Battle Medic
  • Energon Optimization


  • Weapon Stabilizer
  • Blaster Amplifier



Skockwave wields an Energon Repair Ray

  • It can heal friendly soldiers and damage enemies.
  • A really good function for this weapon is to use it to heal your deployed Automated Sentry if it takes damage.
  • In the campaign, the Energon Repair Ray also comes in mini-turret form where they appear as auto repair devices that are often used to fix damaged doors and sometimes heal you and your allies.
  • This weapon is marginally ineffective against normal enemies and is totally ineffective against larger enemies. It is of more use to you as a tool to heal your Sentry and your allies rather than a weapon.
  • It can only be chosen by Scientists in multiplayer.
    • However, like all weapons in War for Cybertron, other classes can pick them up.
      • This is useless, however, as you cannot see their health bar if you picked it up instead of spawning with one.
  • A good way to use this gun in Escalation and in Multiplayer is to heal your allies until the last health bar begins healing. After that, your health will automatically regenerate. You will need to be in touch with your teammates for this to be useful.

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