There are three different kinds of grenades:

  • Flak Grenade
Directly damages the enemy(s) when it's thrown and explodes after a small delay. It has a red colouration and is useful for clearing a room of enemies.
  • EMP Grenade
Is able to temporarily stun a group of enemies, so they can be damaged. They can also slow down the one who throw it, if the thrower happen to be within the explosive radius. This weapons effect is similar to that used by Brutes and Zeta Prime's Energon Clones. They are physically identical to the Flak Grenades except that they have a blue coloration.
  • Energon Heal Grenade
When it explodes, it creates a medium sized sphere of healing aura that rapidly regenerates your energon level when you step into it's area of effect. These grenades are similar to the EMP Grenade and are also blue in colour but they have a plus sign on their sides to denote their medical use.

There is one kind of mine:

  • Thermo Mine
It can damage a enemy, when it's put down. It will move towards an enemy, following them, when they come within range and may explode upon touching a wall. Their primary colour is white but they will be either red (Autobot) or purple (Decepticon) to denote the faction who placed it.


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