Enter, Lio Junior! is the twenty-fourth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on September 23, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




The force that sucked the Seacons in at the end of the last episode was revealed to be the Nemesis, an instrument of destruction built by Galvatron. He will use it to absorb Angolmois Energy wherever possible.

Two new Cybertrons have tracked the Nemesis and enter the solar system containing Gaea. Meanwhile on Gaea, Angolmois Energy geysers are erupting all over. Bighorn, Apache, and Lioconvoy have ventured off to investigate when Lioconvoy approaches the cave in which the white lion first rescued him (see Episode 2). Several small rocks fall from the cliff above, and Lioconvoy looks up to see an outline of a lion above. Suddenly, the lion jumps from the cliff and runs towards the Cybertrons. The lion smacks Bighorn and runs off back up the cliff. Before the Cybertrons run up the cliff to catch the lion, Lioconvoy grasps his chest as the Matrix energy flucuates. As the Cybertrons attend to Lioconvoy, the lion runs off.

The Destrons are overlooking the construction of an energy storage system built by the Autorollers. Galvatron soon approaches, and takes a container to a geysers against the apprehension of the rest of Megastorm. As Galvatron heads towards the geyser, the land shakes and some of the contraption falls on Galvatron. The Destrons fear he is dead, but Galvatron soon digs out of the rubble in his drill mode. He wanders off in a rampage, with the Destrons chasing behind him.

Diver and Tasmanian Kid are elsewhere looking at the Angolmois Energy geysers when they see the new lion. Believing it is Lioconvoy, they call out for him. The lion changes course as he approaches the Cybertrons, and Diver and Kid follow him. The Cybertrons cut the lion off and the lion swipes at Kid. Kid gets up and the two start to wrestle. Kid is thrown off the lion. Diver and Tasmanian Kid transform to robot mode to subdue the lion The lion first looks shocked at these robot, but the lion then speaks! After speaking, the lion transforms into robot mode and apparently has a head that looks similiar to Lioconvoy! Diver and Kid look at each other, stunned. The three sit down on a cliff and try to determine who this lion is and why he's here. The lion informs the Cybertrons that the first thing he remembers was being cared for by an old white lion. The lion trained him, but was fatally injured one day when the young lion jumped off a cliff and transformed. The old lion jumped down the cliff, but violently hit the ground. Diver and Kid mention his uncanny likeness to Lioconvoy and say that he will know the answers. At the same time, Lioconvoy, Bighorn, and Apache approach the lion, Kid, and Diver. The lion runs to Lioconvoy, excited to discover what his past may be. As he reaches Lioconvoy, the lion exclaims, "Mama!". The Cybertrons look in shock as Lioconvoy explains that he can't possibly be the lion's mother. The lion then calls Lioconvoy his "Papa", and Lioconvoy himself looks on in shock. Lioconvoy explains that he doesn't know where the lion came from. The lion then transforms, and has dubbed himself Lio Junior. Lio Jr. then attacks Lioconvoy. Lioconvoy then draws his guns, and the Cybertrons can't believe he is going to fire at this newly found transformer. However, Lioconvoy fires over a hill at the approaching Galvatron. As Galvatron approaches in drill mode, he pushes Lioconvoy against the cliff. As Galvatron attempts to find the rest of the Cybertrons, the ship containing the two unknown Cybertrons arrive. Inside the ship, the two Cybertrons have an image of Lio Jr. on the screen, which is soon followed by an image of a giant robot.

The mystery Cybertrons jump out of the ship and transform to robot mode. The elephant reveals himself to be Santon and the eagle reveals himself to be Skywarp. The two Cybertrons grab Lio Jr's attention and surround him with an energy pulse. The pulse forces Lio Jr to merge with them to form the giant robot seen on their ship's monitor. The robot reveals himself to be Magnaboss! Magnaboss confronts Galvatron and draws his sword. Meanwhile, Lioconvoy grabs his chest and falls over in pain again.

New Cybertrons: Lio Junior, Santon, Skywarp


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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