The Equinox is a mass-produced Autobot bodyform from the Transformers: Rise of the Chevy Autobots portion of the Movie continuity family.

He's relieved. Back on Cybertron, his name was Dinglebutt.

The Equinox-type Chevy Autobot has stored every action movie ever made on its hard drive and has committed every single stunt and maneuver to memory. Most have generally studied them so well that they have the ability to "read" an opponent's opening moves in a fight, letting them attempt effective counters. When it comes to martial arts, car chases, or jumping sideways while firing semi-automatic weapons, it's virtually unstoppable.

It transforms into a Chevrolet Equinox. Of course.


  • The "tagline" for the Equinox reads "More than an Autobot, an action master", a reference to the Action Master Transformers.

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