Ere Cenozoique Periode Tertiaire is a book in the cartoon portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Ere Cenozoique Periode Tertiaire (French, literally "Cenozoic Era Tertiary Period") is a book about dinosaurs extinct animals.



Take a look! It's in a book!

After Spike Witwicky had a harrowing experience with living dinosaurs on Dinobot Island, he decided that reading about them was safer. To that end, he went to the local library with Bumblebee, where he borrowed Ere Cenozoique Periode Tertiaire, a book by Gideon Mantel, and a third, unknown book (which was likely also Palaeontology-related).

However, once on the street, Spike and Bumblebee were assaulted by time-travelling barbarians riding woolly mammoths and buried alive under the rubble of a building. Dinobot Island, Part 1

Lesson: never go to the library.

When the Autobots later rescued the pair, the books were nowhere to be seen. Hopefully, Spike's dad was able to cover any lost book fees. Dinobot Island, Part 2


  • The title Ere Cenozoique Periode Tertiare appears to be derived from Ere Cénozoïque (Tertiaire et Quaternaire), a book by French geologist Charles Pomerol. "Dinobot Island" writer Don Glut is a massive, massive Palaeontology geek. This also explains the book by Gideon Mantell.
  • Hypothetically, Spike may possess some knowledge of French, if he intended to read this presumably un-translated book. Then again, maybe he just wanted to look at the pretty pictures.
  • Despite Spike saying that he was going to read about dinosaurs, dinosaurs died out at the end of the Mesozoic, the era immediately before the Cenozoic. Maybe he doesn't know French or geological chronology.