Erector (*giggle*) is an Autobot Micromaster in the Generation One continuity family.
G1Erector MTMTE

Maybe I should form a support group with Heave, Discharge, Overcharge and Shothole.

Erector (*snort*) is horrified by the destruction of war, and goes out of his way to construct battle plans that minimize loss of life and collateral damage. Indeed, he will sometimes put himself at risk to save beautiful buildings or scenery.[1]

French name (Canada): Éregon


Generation One

  • Erector (Micromaster Transport, 1989)
G1Erector toy

If you experience an Erector lasting more than three hours, contact your doctor immediately.

Erector transforms into a yellow semi cab pulling a relatively huge crane trailer. Erector and his trailer have a lot of sculpted detailing, and the fifth wheel (known as a 'hitch' among fans) allows the cab to turn as it tows the trailer. The trailer crane rotates, the arm pivots up and down, and it has a flip-out hook that imitates a crane's cable.
Erector's transformation is standard for Micromasters — flip down the front of the vehicle to reveal his head, straighten out his legs, and you are done. His crane trailer transforms into a battle station, with flip-out stabilizers, communications antennas, a double-barrel gun that Erector can man (though he can't grasp the handles), and a large cannon formed out of the crane itself. Both the double gun and the main cannon can pivot up and down, and the latter retains its ability to rotate. As the other Micromaster Transports turn into planes, this base mode makes Erector unique among his sub-group.
Erector (guffaw) is identical to the Japanese Micromaster character Cra-Gun.


  1. More Than Meets The Eye #2


  • "Erector" is quite a funny name for a Micromaster.

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