Evac is an Autobot from the live-action film series Continuity family.

Long ago, Evac was one of the knights of Cybertron. He, and the rest of the knights were charged with being guardians of the Allspark and making sure it wasn't miss used.


Having trained with both Optimus Prime and Nest forces, Evac is a stealth transport bot, who is as agile and fast as they come. Built to handle rough combat situations, Evac is eager to prove himself in battle. His speciality is transporting high-level personnel and classified materials at hyper speeds.

He is armed withtwin Ion Pulse rapid-fire blasters, he can stand his ground should any Decepticon try to intercept his precious cargo. [1]

Transformers: The Ride

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Fan art-evac

(C) TunaKaan of the TFW2005 boards.

  • He is visually similar to Roadbuster in robot mode.
  • It is suggested and speculated by the fan base that Evac was originally intended to be in Age of Extinction as Shane's rally car. There are numerous scenes where there is no driver visible in the drivers seat, and the scene where a Cemetery Wind operative gets hit by a tyre suggests there's more intelligence present than just a human driving a car.
  • The art on the right is a fan design of how he might've looked.


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