Galvatron returns to the present.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 101 - 102
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Marvel UK issues #101 - 102

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Geoff Senior, Jeff Anderson
Lettering: Annie Halfacree
Colours: Steve White
Editor: Rimmer


The Autobots recently freed by Circuit Breaker head toward the Ark led by Skids, who is the only one among them with knowledge of Earth. Suddenly, Skids cries out and vanishes. Meanwhile, Centurion investigates something that crashed to the ground, only to be assaulted and blown apart by Galvatron. Galvatron recollects how he met defeat at the hands of Rodimus Prime during the battle with Unicron. Hurtling through space, he activated his time jump device again and returned to present-day Earth.

While Blaster, Perceptor and the other Autobots try to figure out what happened to Skids, they spot Galvatron approaching and a battle ensues. Shockwave, who currently commands the Decepticons, hears the explosions from the battle and believes it may be Megatron. Galvatron is making quick work of the Autobots until the Dinobots arrive, determined to get revenge for the fallen Centurion.

Galvatron clashes with the Dinobots and Blaster, having incapacitated the rest of the Autobots. Shockwave and the Decepticons watch the battle from nearby, and Soundwave tells Shockwave what he knows of Galvatron. Shockwave admits that, as Galvatron is a bigger threat, the Decepticons may need to aid the Dinobots.

Galvatron blasts Swoop and, nearly unconscious, Swoop hears Professor Morris asking to occupy Swoop's body again. Swoop consents, and Morris distracts Galvatron long enough for the Decepticons to attack. Galvatron retreats, not wanting to fight the Decepticons he hopes to soon command. Shockwave concludes it would be illogical to attack the Dinobots at this point, and the parties go their separate ways.


  • Pages four and five of part one had the colours printed in reverse in the original printing. This was corrected for reprints.

Items of note

  • This episode directly follows the events of The Transformers: The Movie. The movie (or at least a version of its events) is considered to be part of the UK comic continuity even though the animated television series is not.
  • While this is not the last time we see Centurion, this story features the final appearance of Professor Morris (and his "connection" with Swoop). When Centurion is later rebuilt, there will inexplicably be no mention of his creator/controller.
  • Although Galvatron's cannon is seen to atomize Transformers on several occasions, the Autobots he blasts with it in this story are rendered little more than temporarily unconscious.
  • Blaster's mind-shredding sonic attack on Galvatron in this story is arguably (at least) a contributing factor for the madness that will continue to plague him until Time Wars concludes. Nice work there, Blaster.


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