Farewell, Lio Convoy! is the thirty-ninth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on January 27, 1999 on TV Tokyo.




Galvatron tends to his brother, Gigastorm, who has been fatally wounded by the Green Warrior's Lion Typhoon. As Gigastorm dies, Galvatron vows vengence for his brother's death. Galvatron transforms to drill mode and charges at the Green Warrior. The lion charges at Galvatron in rebuttal. The collision of the two superpowers creates a blast that both parties seem unphased from. Suddenly, the Green Warrior envelops himself in a fury of green energy. As the energy disappears, the Green Warrior splits into...Lioconvoy and Lio Junior! As the Cybertrons celebrate that their two friends had survived, Galvatron vows that their survival will not stop him. Suddenly, the ground cracks below Galvatron and the Tako-Tank emerges. Scuba gets out and informs everyone that he has rigged the power core of the Nemesis to explode. Galvatron flies off to another part of the Nemesis to take care of his needs. Lioconvoy and Lio Jr fly off to chase him, at the dismay of the rest of the Cybertrons. While the remaining Cybertrons and Destrons start to fight, Artemis and Moon are suffering on the moon. Although they are near death, they trust that Lioconvoy and the rest of the Cybertrons will save Gaea.

Galvatron flies into a cave inside the Nemesis, soon followed by Lioconvoy and Lio Jr. Once they are all inside the cave, Galvatron calls forth a wave of Angolmois Energy . He absorbs it and grows to an enermous size. Lio Jr attempts to fire an Angolmois ball at Galvatron, but he is unaffected by it. Lioconvoy and Lio Jr determine that this battle could be deadly, and decide to use all their will to defeat Galvatron. They call forth their Matrix energy and merge to form the Green Warrior. Galvatron fires a massive amount of energy at the Green Warrior, but the lion is unphased. The Green Warriro then starts filling the room with good Angolmois Energy to ward off the evil Angolmois Energy absorbed by Galvatron. At the Nemesis surface, some Angolmois Energy has leaked out and contacts a dead Gigastorm's foot. Suddenly, Gigastorm awakens and tries to blow on his foot to cool it down. Meanwhile, Scuba has taken control of the Destron ship and flies overhead. Below ground, the good Angolmois Energy has overcome Galvatron's evil Angolmois Energy. The resulting reaction for the energy begins to destroy the Nemesis. Energy bursts are coming out of the artificial planet all over. The Cyber Beasts are blown into space, holding onto a Gigastorm floating out of control.

In the cave, Galvatron has shrunk to normal size due to the good Angolmois. He then informs the Lios that his spark crystal will cause a massive explosion if it is destroyed. Thus, the Cybertrons will kill themselves if they wish to destroy Galvatron. Courageously, the Green Warrior transforms to robot mode (a green Lioconvoy) and attacks Galvatron. The two clash in a massive collision that releases energy all around them. The Green Warrior then surprises Galvatron by splitting into his two components. Lioconvoy draws his Lion Claw and shatters Galvatron's spark crystal. The room suddenly turns red and the Nemesis destructs in a spectacular explosion.

Since the energy flow from Gaea has ceased, the moon escapes destruction. Although damaged, it has endured. Artemis looks around in amazement, surprised she is still alive. She looks around for Moon, but can not find him. She digs through the rubble and finds Moon's robot head submerged in the rubble. She looks at it, but his eyes are not active. She fears Moon is dead, but Moon soon pokes the rest of himself out of the rubble in his beast mode (his robot head is his tail). The two celebrate their survival and thank the Cybertrons for their help in saving their beloved planet Gaea.

In another plane of existance, Bighorn, Diver, Tasmanian Kid, Apache, Skywarp, and Santon float around in a dark space and wonder where they are. Lioconvoy and Lio Jr soon appear, with a weak Lioconvoy being supported by Lio Jr. Lioconvoy informs the Cybertrons that they have sacrificed their lives to save Gaea and that they have been successful. Gaea is saved and they can now all enter the Matrix together. A beam of light opens in the sky and the Cybertrons joyfully follow the path into the Matrix

Cybertron Deaths: Apache, Bighorn, Diver, Lioconvoy, Lio Junior, Santon, Skywarp, and Tasmanian Kid Destron Deaths: Galvatron


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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