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Inferno must finally decide whether he is an Autobot or a Decepticon.


As the Autobots prepare to install the Energon Grid towers on the Desert, Ocean and Blizzard planets, the procedure finds itself interrupted by three Decepticon attacks - Scorponok leading the Insecticons on the Desert Planet, Mirage on the Ocean Planet and Megatron leading the remaining Decepticons and Terrorcons on Blizzard Planet. While the towers on Desert and Blizzard are activated successfully, Mirage manages to destroy the supports of the tower on the Ocean Planet, leaving it open to an attack.

In the aftermath of the battle, it is revealed that only one more Energon tower can be transported from Cybertron; in order to distract the Decepticons from the operation, Inferno volunteers to act as a decoy. Optimus agrees, while Rodimus expresses doubt.

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans




"Yod-*glub* le-*glub*-hoo~!"

Snowcat wasn't built for underwater operations, but it doesn't stop him from having a good time.

"Mirage loves his job."

Mirage has high job satisfaction.


Lost in translation

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