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Fast Action Battlers are a subset of the live-action movie toyline featuring Deluxe price-point renditions of movie characters that have been considerably simplified, so as to have the movie cast in toy-forms geared towards children a little too young to handle the more complicated "standard" line. They are a little larger than Deluxe figures and generally feature limited articulation in favor of action features and easy handling.

So far, the following Fast Action Battlers have been made:

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

  • Claw Slash Ramjet (Starscream redeco)
  • Fire Blast Optimus Prime
  • Pulse Cannon Ironhide
  • Sonic Shock Smokescreen (Jazz redeco)

Wave 6

  • Desert Blast Brawl
  • Night Attack Megatron
  • Rally Rocket Bumblebee
  • Rescue Torch Ratchet


The Fast Action Battler version of Frenzy is actually the only Frenzy toy so far to transform into a boom box/CD player. This makes him the only in-movie robot character to get a full toy representation strictly in a subline, as his other "transforming" toy turns into Barricade's grill.

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