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This article is about the jet styled after some 70s curtains. For the lemon demon with the funky gun, see Fearswoop (G1).
Fearswoop is a Decepticon form the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film continuity family.

Fearswoop turns into a fighter jet. He is orange with tiger patterns.


Revenge of the Fallen


A certain friend of Whinny the Poo.

  • Fearswoop (Wal-Mart exclusive multi-pack "The Fury of Fearwoop", 2009)
Fearswoop is a tiger-striped, orange redeco of Dreadwing. He's also a homage to the Generation 2 Cyberjet Hooligan. He comes with a legends class Sideswipe and legends class Mudflap in a Wal-Mart exclusive pack. Fearswoop is a deluxe figure.

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