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This article is about the Japanese Micromaster. For the American character derived from the same toy, see Red Hot.

As a member of the Rescue Patrol Team, Fire's function is to rescue bystanders, not engage in battle. Yet the burning justice within his heart drives him to fight, anyway. In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with Jean and ridiculing his subgroup's leader, Holi.

English-Malay dub name: Red Hot


Victory cartoon

Voice actor': ? (Japan)




  • Rocket Base (Micromaster base, 1990)
Japanese ID number: C-330
The Micromaster Rocket Base set (the Takara release of Countdown's base) included Fire and the other members of the Rescue Patrol, as well as Countdown's Japanese counterpart, Moonradar.
  • Rescue Patrol Team (Micromaster Patrol 4-pack, 1990)
Japanese ID number: C-331
Fire transforms into a red fire engine. He was sold as part of the Rescue Patrol Team, along with Boater, Holi, and Pīpō.
This toy is identical to Red Hot.


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