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First Transformers is a Transformers toyline initially produced in 1986. It was the first Transformers line specifically aimed at a demographic younger than the standard "5 and up" target age group.

A point of particular note is that its toys have their own faction symbol, which resembles a very cute, rounded Autobot symbol but is neither Autobot nor Decepticon.

Neither the characters nor the symbol have ever appeared in any fiction, though since the Optimus and Malignus finally did so in mid-2008, their days of total media obscurity are probably numbered...

The concept of the line would later be revived in the 1-2-3 Transformers toys marketed through Hasbro's Tonka brand.


Playskool released 3 unnamed First Transformers toys in the United States in 1986: a race car, a dump truck and an airplane. In 1987, these 3 toys were released in Japan, now called Racer-Kun, Dump-Kun and Jet-kun. ("-Kun" is an affectionate/diminutive Japanese suffix commonly applied to names given to young males.) All three were released in the US again again in 1993 with various new decos and remoldings, but still without names. Another curious point of difference is that the original toys were recommended for "ages 1-3", while the reissues were targeted for "ages 2 & up".

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