Fixer Bugs are a type of drone-unit from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

That can't feel good.

Fixer Bugs are hovering drone machines created by minions of Unicron. They are specially designed to hunt down "renegade" Mini-Cons (those who developed souls and free will), and forcibly Powerlinx to them. For this purpose, they are equipped with a pair of blaster weapons to incapacitate their targets. A less aggressive variant of the Fixer Bug is the Seeker Bug.

Once Powerlinxed, the Fixer Bug rewrites the Mini-Con's core program, down to its spark frame, completely erasing the Mini-Con's soul (cutting it off from the Linkage in the process), and returning them to an energy state stored in a special Mini-Con storage panel. Once reactivated and released from this panel, the "new" Mini-Con is a slave to Unicron's will, and almost invariably their personality has become that of a cruel and aggressive hunter-warrior.

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