This article is about the Hasbro Micromaster. For his Japanese counterpart from Victory, see Pīpō.
Fixit is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.
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I'm also unclear about "decalcify", "defenestrate", and "dowager".

Fixit is the current leader of the Rescue Patrol, thanks to his never-say-die attitude. Indeed, "die", "defeat", and "daunted" aren't in his vocabulary banks. (Neither is "decoupage", but fortunately, that doesn't come up very often.) Like every Autobot ambulance in the history of time, he's a skilled medic. (Which invites the question, what do unskilled Autobot medics transform into?)[1]

French name (Canada): Médic


Marvel comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Fixit: big fan of euthanasia.

Fixit and the Rescue Patrol were one of the first Micromaster teams, and were part of a three-team mission to destroy the Battle Patrol so the Decepticons couldn't gain Micromaster technology. They disobeyed orders and rescued their comrades instead. A Small War!

When his comrade Seawatch was traumatised to the point of going offline after a grisly murder, Fixit was tasked to bring him back online to find out what happened. He did this reluctantly, worried about possible long-term effects. Demons!

He and his team-mates were sent to Earth alongside the Classic Pretenders as reinforcements, but their journey via Trans-time portal was disrupted by the Mayhem Attack Squad and they instead ended up at the center of Cybertron. Yesterday's Heroes! Here, they saw the face of Primus, witnessed a retelling of Cybertron's creation, and fought the Mayhems before arriving on Earth - but Primus had awakened and Unicron was coming... Primal Scream

He was part of a mission to capture Decepticon assassin Whisper, but Optimus called it off to prevent damage to the environment. The Greatest Gift Of All!

Fixit later served as medical officer on the Ark in the absence of Ratchet and First Aid, and was tasked with repairing those injured by Thunderwing. He was instrumental in Chromedome's self-proclaimed "Leg Quest". Eye of the Storm!

It was Fixit who carried out a diagnosis on the fused Ratchet-Megatron being, and despite his warning that to save Ratchet, he would also have to save Megatron, Fixit carried out the operation at Optimus Prime's insistence. The Price of Life!

He was last seen on Cybertron, listening as Primus revealed the origin of the Transformers. The Void! How he fares in the subsequent battle with Unicron isn't shown, but he is not seen again.

Dreamwave comics continuity

Fixit was one of several Micromasters who joined up with the Autobot cause after the Micros chose sides in the war. He was present in the Autobot barracks when Big Daddy and Sidetrack had their scuffle, and saw the Hot Rod Patrol walk out on the army. Destined for Nothing Later, in Little Iacon, Fixit had a ring-side seat to a brawl brewing between Trip-Up and Roller Force. On the sidelines, Fixit showed himself to be a little more naive than his fellow Micros: when he pointed out it was against the rules for Roller Force to have a weapon in the bar, the others just stared at him incredulously. The Gray Race

The point was driven home again a few hours later when Venom and his Decepticons attacked the Micromasters. Fixit was all, like, "Oh no! None of us are armed!", and the other Micros just laughed at him and drew out scrap-loads of weaponry from hidden places on their bodies. It didn't prove to be enough, however, and the Decepticons corraled the Micromasters together, demanding they choose sides then and there against the Autobots. When the Decepticon Micromaster known as Blaze Master tossed in his purple badge at these heavy-handed tactics, Barrage blasted the turncoat, and Fixit tended to his injuries. Recipe for Hate The Autobot Micromasters were taken back to Decepticon headquarters and imprisoned, but Groundshaker and the Hot Rod Patrol managed to beak Fixit and his buddies out of the holding cells. After reaching the site of the latest battle between the guzzler factions, Fixit started triage work on the injured Autobots. Tragically, there were still casualties, including Sidetrack of the Battle Patrol. Victims of the Revolution



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Generation One

  • Rescue Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)
Fixit transforms into an ambulance of undetermined model. He was only available as part of a Micromaster Patrol set with Seawatch, Stakeout and Red Hot.
This toy was released in Japan with no changes as Pīpō.


  1. More Than Meets The Eye #2

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