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Flamewar is a Decepticon from the Decepticon/Predacon Alliance in a Timelines addition to the Generation One continuity family.

She sings from somewhere you can't see.

Flamewar is one of the last of the original Decepticon army, having served during the rule of the original Megatron in as many ways as her body and mind will let her (inserted lewd joke). She has a wide variety of skills, from spy and saboteur to scientist, which kept her quite busy in the Decepticon ranks.

She longs for the return to those days of glory and conquest, but she has little hope of such a thing happening. She finds the remaining Decepticon "generals" pale imitations and short-sighted power-mongers, so she has hitched her wagon onto that of the emerging Tripredacus Council.


Timelines: Descent Into Evil

Voice actor: Brandie Tarvin (English)

Flamewar was assigned by the Tripredacus Council to observe Deathsaurus' efforts on Ceti Alpha Seven. When the Autobots sent a strike force to destroy his Insecticon cloning facility, Flamewar ambushed and disabled Ironhide and Ratchet, leaving them to Deathsaurus to eliminate. (He failed, of course.)

Although all of the Autobots eventually escaped, Flamewar reported to the Council that Deathsaurus' experiments had been a success. Suddenly, Bumblebee broke into her transmission, revealing that Ricochet had introduced a virus into the clones, and that they had finally tracked her down. With her exposure, Flamewar was deemed useless as an agent by the Council, and they destroyed her ship. Descent Into Evil

When Flamewar regained consciousness from that whole explodey-ship deal, she found herself the prisoner of Ricochet, Obsidian and K-9. They demanded that she work as a double-agent for them against the Decepticon/Predacon Alliance, but she refused. "Ricochet" and the others then dropped their disguises and revealed themselves as Predacons, and offered Flamewar a place in the organization of the Predacon criminal Megatron. Not really having much else to do, Flamewar accepted. Intimidation Game

Timelines: Beast Wars

The Razor's Edge

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  • Flamewar (Basic, 2005)
    • Accessories: Projectile launcher, missile, scope, 2 tailpipes, energon chip
Flamewar is a black and red redeco of Energon Arcee, transforming into a Cybertronic racing motorcycle. She has several clear-plastic "energon" parts that can be combined to for a large bow weapon with a spring-loaded launching missile. She was available only as a "freebie" gift to attendees at BotCon 2005.
This mold was retooled to make her fellow BotCon 2005 exclusives Chromia and Flareup. This mold was also used to make the Target-exclusive live-action-movie-verse Arcee and Elita-One.


  • She collects Hasbro memorabilia. How shameless of them.

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