Flatline is a Decepticon from the live-action film continuity family.

Flatline is Decepticon scientist under the command of Thundercracker. He is cruel in his work — mutating Autobots into seriously painful configurations, taking pleasure out of watching them suffer.

He is also armed to the teeth with shuriken discs, shoulder mounted cannons, razor sharp claws and various medical tools that can be utilized as weapons, such as his laser scalpel, and surgical Buzz-saws.

Tales of the Fallen.

—It worked! It actually worked!, Flatline


IDW Transformers movie comics


After Arcee's ship was shot down by Thundercracker, she was captured and taken to a Decepticon outpost. Flatline modified Arcee into her three separate parts, from the Spark of Arcee's old body and three blank Protoforms. He had also captured the twins: Skids and Mudflap, and locked them in a cage. When Flatline leaves the laboratory for a minute, Elita-1 frees the Twins from their cage. Mudflap and Skids then release Arcee and her new sisters, just as Flatline comes back in, he calls Thundercracker for assistance. The sisters attack Flatline as he ducks for cover. He opens fire with all his weapons. Arcee takes her old arm off the operating and throws it at the scientist, Arcee and her sisters all attack, and he retreats.


Later, Flatline has now got a group of drones under his command, he orders them to attack the Sisters and Twins. The Autobots engage the drones. A drone captures Elita-1 and takes her to Flatline. Just as he's about to kill her with his laser scalpel, she moves out of the way and he slices through the drone, taking it off-line. Elita-1 then blasts Flatline, making him explode and die. Tales of the Fallen issue 6

When Sentinel Prime brings a new Sun to Cybertron to recharge the AllSpark, Flatline was stationed at the Hatchling facility. There he helped "birth" new Cybertronians and made sure they are healthy. Later, when Shockwave was flying over Cybertron with Megatron, Shockwave said to him, "... Hatchlings are popping out faster than Flatline can catch them!". Foundation issue 1


  • He has four arms.
  • His appearance looks to like a mix of the Revenge of the Fallen Scout and Deluxe versions of Dead End.
  • He has a flip-down visor/spectacles.