The Transformers

Headmaster Autobot Base Fortress Maximus

Accessories: Spike Headmaster unit, Cerebros large Headmaster unit, Gasket, Grommet, Photon Rifle, Dual Laser Cannon, Cerebros's Mini Laser Rifle, Cog's Laser rifle, Radar Scope, Master Sword (Japanese release only), Cerebros's sword (Japanese release only)

G1FortressMaximus toy
Fortress Maximus is, by far, the largest Transformers toy ever produced (That is, untill the arrival of the new Generations Metroplex.) In robot mode it stands 22" (or 56 cm) tall, nearly 8" (20 cm) taller than its in-fiction rival Scorponok. The original retail price was over $100USD. Taking into account ongoing trends in toy pricing and retail shelf space jockeying, it is highly doubtful any other Transformers even close to this size would ever be made again.
The toy has multiple alt mode configurations, transforming into a relatively compact "city" mode, and also a secondary mode described in the US instruction as a "battle station." That mode was rebranded as a starship for the Japanese instructions, and is the "default" mode for Fortress Maximus in the Headmasters animated series. Additionally, the 1987 Hasbro toy catalog features a mis-transformed Fortress Maximus in a mode referred to as an "impenetrable fortress," essentially consisting of his city mode with the legs splayed outwards.
In all modes, Maximus has a wide array of pop-out (non-firing) guns and gimmicks. Its left leg hides a small prison cell, plus has a swing-out cannon/helipad. Its right leg has a small storage compartment. Its torso has a gear-activated spinner for the detachable radar array accessory, a "control socket" for Cerebros' "communications tower" mode, and a working elevator that can lift small toys up to its central ramp to be launched in its altmodes. (The crank for this elevator ends up in a very unfortunate position in robot mode.) Each arm had a long ramp on the back with sliding launchers for small vehicles.
Its robot-mode head is formed by Cerebros, who does not actually need Spike to attach to the upper body. It came with both Headmaster units, plus the Gasket and Grommet mini-vehicles (which, by the way, never appeared in the cartoon).
This mold was used to make Masterforce Grand Maximus, Car Robots Brave Maximus, and Robot Masters Cybertron Base.

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers

The Headmasters

C-114 Fortress Maximus

This release by Takara is identical to Headmaster Autobot Base Fortress Maximus except it comes with a pair of Master Swords; one for Fortress and one for Fortress Maximus. Is currently unknown if the swords were originally planned for the Hasbro version but dropped for price or safety concerns, or if they were a Takara-initiated addition to their release of the toy.

Transformers Juniors

Fortress Maximus
    • Accessories: Fortress Headmaster unit, Photon Rifle
G1 FortressMaximus Jnr toy
A smaller rendering of the character, scaled down to regular Transformer size, and with only one head. Fortress Maximus Jnr. could only transform from his starship mode to his robot mode, as his legs lack the joints to fold into city mode. Much of his detail and accessories have been simplified into stickers, such as his shin cannons. He comes with only one weapon, his large blue photon rifle.
This toy was also available in a leaders three-pack with Chromedome and Convoy Jnr.

Transformers Generations

Titans Return

Titan-class Emissary & Cerebros Fortress Maximus

Transformers Designer Desk - ‘Titans Return Fortress Maximus’ Official Ad02:32

Transformers Designer Desk - ‘Titans Return Fortress Maximus’ Official Ad

An extensive retooling of Titan-class Metroplex. Some parts are different, some are just different colors (e.g. the double jointed arms) whereas other parts are the same but are utilized differently (e.g. the torso and hips, the ramps on the legs are now on the arms etc.

Transformers Legends

LG-31 Fortress Maximus

A redeco of Titan-class Fortress Maximus by TakaraTomy with a color-scheme that's more accurate to the character of Fortress Maximus of Transformers: The Headmasters; a gray, blue and red abdomen as opposed to a completely blue one and a blue translucent panel on his left shoulder as opposed to a green one. Only the shin cannons are red with the surrounding armor being grey. The smallest component, Cerebros, has a different face on its back to Titans Return Emissary in order to better represent the character Fortress who has a grey color scheme and no visor unlike Titans Return Cerebros).

Super Collection Figure

  • Fortress Maximus was a larger "build-a-bot" from the third "Act" of the PVC line; one piece of it was packaged in each of the six clear pieces in a case of twelve. Like the regular PVCs, it was available both in full-color or colorless-clear versions.

Heroes of Cybertron

  • The Fortress Maximus PVC was revisited for Hasbro's Heroes of Cybertron line, again as a pack-in, one part in each of the six releases of wave four. This version was cast entirely in clear-blue plastic then painted over, save a small spot on his head to give him a "light-pipe" glowing-eyes effect.

Kabaya DX Transformers Gum

Fortress Maximus

A licensed model kit by Kabaya that comes packaged with chewing gum.

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